Monument Road

Monument Road Development
picture supplied via Birmingham Council

Construction of the new homes on this City Council owned site off Monument Road/Cawdor Crescent (Ladywood Ward) commenced in October 2014. This prestigious development is being constructed by Galliford Try on behalf of ‘The Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust’ and will consist of 45 new properties for rent and sale. It is anticipated that the rented properties on Monument Road will be concluded by the 23rd November 2015. The properties will start to become available from July 2015.

Initial indications are that the buyers will have been identified for all the new homes for sale before the first property is completed in July.

The tenure mix of the properties is 23 for council rent,22 for sale.

Rented properties – 6 x 2 bed apartments, 2 x 2 bed houses, 11 x 3 bed houses, 4 x 4 bed houses

Sale properties – 12 x 2 bed apartments, 5 x 3 bed houses, 5 x 4 bed houses

Thanks to Birmingham Council for this article

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  1. The properties being built look really good and has made an excellent impact on the local area. But I am a little disappointed that people like myself who are long time BCC housing tenants living in a maisonette or flat with not be given the opportunity to live in one of these houses as my property is not overcrowded. It isn’t fair that I am not considered because I would like to be.

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