Icknield Port Loop Regeneration … news

This regeneration project covers an area of land at Icknield Port Loop, bounded by Ladywood Middleway, Icknield Port Road, and Wiggin Street, Birmingham. The aim is to create a new high quality largely residential community on the outskirts of the City Centre which will add to the vibrancy and vigour of the of the existing communities in Ladywood

Planning permission was granted on 20 September 2013 (Ref: 2011/07399/PA) for:

‘a mixed use redevelopment of up to 1150 dwellings, retail, service, employment, leisure and non-residential institutions uses together with hotel and community facilities, open space, landscaping. The development will include associated works to roads,cycleways, footpaths, car parking and canal crossings.

The development is being led by the Canal and River Trust (CRT) and Birmingham City Council (BCC) who are currently are seeking a private sector partner to commence construction works. It is anticipated that a construction partner will be selected later this year.

Thanks to Birmingham City Council for this article

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